Today the Dread Photo Shoot!

Today was the day for the photo-shoot. I abhor pictures of myself, but there you are. Last night I did some more research on period – early to mid-century – hairstyles so I could panic over something definitive. My favorite is this little figurine –


This is from’s page on 18th century hair styles. I think it’s subtle and fitting for a mature lady, such as moi.

I also bought a pair of mules that will serve for 18th or 21st centuries:


… and selected a silk fichu:


I noticed that the petticoat on Dummy was bulging oddly. It also, apparently, works as a condo! Here’s Puffball Jellybean in front:

… and Radagast in back:


So very versatile!

Then it was off to my friend Marina’s house. She graciously took pictures on her patio for me: what a good sport! Of course, there’s always some last-minute pressing:


Here are the pictures that will be submitted with my entry in Your Wardrobe Unlock’d’s 2012-13 Challenge:






An Under-petticoat

With everything up on dummy (stays, pocket, pocket-hoops, petticoat & jacket), it became clear that the matellasse petticoat is quite sheer! It’s easy to see the structure of the pocket-hoops right through. So an under-petticoat was added to the menu.

For the under-petticoat, I chose 4.5 yards of a light cotton calico. I don’t want to weigh down my hoops any more than the matellasse petticoat does. Silk would have been my first choice, to give a little silky swish between the cottons of hoops & petticoat, but $1.30/yd was hard to beat for something I probably won’t wear more than once.

Today I washed, pressed, cut, repressed, stitched up the panels, pressed seams open, threw in a quick 1/2″ hem, and made waist ties. It’s a super huge tube of fabric!


Tomorrow I’ll pleat it into the waist ties. Then on to the details: hair & shoes!

Jacket Finished!

It’s done! Sunday and Monday – my weekend – I got the lining for the sleeves stitched in and made up the wing cuffs for the sleeves. I also hemmed it (there’s surprisingly a lot of hemming to do on the jacket skirts), and made a ribbon ladder lacing, flew to Joanne’s for some blue ribbon, and laced it up over the stomacher 🙂 happy dance!

Making a wing cuff:


Making ladder lacing with white ribbon:


On a dummy!


Progress to date:

Thanks to the Sewing Fortnightly challenge hosted by the Dreamstress, I’ve gotten moving on this project. Yay.

I’ve gotten the jacket to the point where I’m about to stitch in the sleeve linings. No shot of this yet, but tomorrows’s the power day for the jacket.

I’ve also made quite a bit of progress on the petticoat. Made from a matellasse – style bedspread that the humane society couldn’t use (too easy for paws to snag). I turned the bottom edg under twice to enclose the frayed edges, and machine-sewed the centre back seam. then folded the top down til I got an even hem line over the pocket hoops. Then I pinned the pleats right onto dummy. I left a 5″ section unpinned across the front, then set knife pleats laying back on either side to a box pleat at center back.



Then I basted some cotton bias tape over the pleats & over-stitched along the top of the pleats to hold them snugly.


Another entry … we’ll get the hang of it yet!

Progress on the 18th Century challenge has been steady, although slow.  I’ve finished the pocket, the pocket hoops, and a “quick” set of stays.  I need to press on with the jacket (pattern ready to go after 2 toiles), and skirt.  Then I can go back, if there’s time, and finish the hand sewn stays.  What else is on the to-do list?  A cap, fichu, stockings, and shoes.  We’ll see how it goes – there’s less than a month!

I wish my hardware would talk to eachother:  my iPad, 1st generation, keeps crashing it’s apps; my iPhone does what it can; and my computer is so old that it still has the cuneiform writing tablet. So my photos are on the phone, and although they’re accessible on the iPad, it crashes whenever I try to post one here, and it’s all frustrating.

So – just for fun, I’m participating in the Dreamstress’s year-long challenge.  One project every 2 weeks.  I figure it will help keep my focus from day to day so I don’t skitter about doing … oh, I don’t know:  housework?  Nah!